National Ag Day

Happy National Agriculture Day! Since agriculture is so important in our daily lives, I think it is completely appropriate to have a day dedicated to those who do so much for America and the world. According to the National Ag Day website, this is a day to “recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.” We have a lot to celebrate! Agriculture is more than an industry to me, it’s my way of life. Not a hobby, but a passion. Generations of my family have passed on this passion to the next generation, and I believe that it is my duty to pass on the agriculture tradition as well.
I can honestly say that I would not be who or where I am today if not for agriculture. Agriculturalists are a different kind of people, and we learn from an early age that we only get what we work for. Agriculture taught me so many lessons; patience by waiting for my pumpkins to sprout, hope by praying that that puny kid billy would make it through the night. Agriculture taught me about the miracle of life, the reality of death, and the joy in the life found between. I got sunburns, bruises, cuts, and scrapes by working on the farm. Most of those faded, but the lessons that I learned from those bruises are still with me today. Agriculture is important not only because it feeds and clothes the world, but because it represents an entire way of life. Agriculture encompasses not only our past, but our future as well, and I will carry the message of agriculture to future generations.
Here’s the link to the National Ag Day website: