Chuck Zimmerman: Ag Communications Then and Now

This past week in AGR 399, we had a Skype chat with Chuck Zimmerman, creator of He explained to us how he got started blogging about agriculture, what the blog is made up of, and how ag communications has changed over the years. Chuck’s personal background is in journalism and radio broadcasting. He was not raised in agriculture, but had always felt a passion for it. Chuck first began AgWired by writing about what he found interesting. He had a learn-as-you-go method, and taught himself many of the tricks of the trade in ag blogging. When the Internet first became popular, there was a period of time in which printed publications slowly transitioned to online publications. Chuck took advantage of this, and was soon teaching other companies how to blog and earn money. Much has changed in Chuck’s time in ag communications, and I think that internet publications will continue to grow in popularity in the future. Agriculture companies will establish themselves online, in social media, and in professional forums. In a short while, we may even see an app for tracking where our food comes from!

Chuck Zimmerman, founder of Zimm Comm New Media, LLC.


One thought on “Chuck Zimmerman: Ag Communications Then and Now

  1. I like how you mentioned that Chuck had to learn as he went. That is why keeping up with social media is so important for people interested in communications. It is also helpful when people publish how to videos so you can learn more about them. I also agree that the future of agriculture communications will be more established online, but I didn’t really think about getting an app that could tell me where my food came from!

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